About Us

Our Mission

It's not just about looking good with or without make-up. It's about feeling better, walking taller and having the courage to put ourselves in situations that we would otherwise avoid. Our ultimate and ongoing goal is to help our customers look their best...because when we look great, we feel great!

Mission Statement:

  • To encourage self-confidence in our customers by providing the tools they may need to feel good and positive about themselves.

  • To give our customers the opportunity to buy, try or wear clothing that may not otherwise fit or hang properly.

  • To design and manufacture innovative and original designs, with quality and value as our utmost priorities.

  • To give our customers the dignity and respect they deserve as patrons of Glam Toast.

  • To benefit our community by providing our team members with living wages, full benefits and work-life-balance, and to support local charities that boost self-worth and dignity.

A note from our founder,

I'm just happy that I was able to turn my past self-consciousness and negativity into something good, that could help other people. And that's what Glam Toast is all about - giving people the tools to approach every morning with moxie!

Glam Toast aims to boost  the self-esteem of hundreds of thousands of girls, women and men out there. And if you have another moment, take a look at some of our customer feedback and you'll understand why Glam Toast has grown mainly from word-of-mouth. After all, when friends spread the word about their favourite products, you know just how great they are! We're proud to say that Glam Toast has become the "one stop beauty boost shop" for thousands of women and men who want to boost their self-confidence and silhouette.

Tina Huang
Owner and Founder
Glam Toast
"Beauty & Booty Are Our Business!"